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        Personalized monthly riding programs designed around your goals, racing schedule, skill level, bize size and more! Get a monthly adjustable riding structure so while you aren't training with us in person you still have us virtually there! Also, you will have insider access to future in person training camps that you can attend! We use an online coaching platform called True Coach. Once we receive your email request, we will create you as a client where you will be able to log in with a link that we email you. After your client profile and riding program is complete you will be able to rock and roll and follow along daily, weekly, and monthly as you strive to achieve your goals.
        Cost: $75 monthly subscription
        How to get started!
        You will need to email Coach Clay and Coach Jason at drivenmxracing@gmail.com.
        In the Subject Line please type: Monthly Online Riding Program.
        In the Body of the email please include the following: Riders Name, Parents Name, Email, Phone Number, Address, Height/Weight, Birthday, Gender, Rider Photo
        Next, please attached a word doc, pdf, or excel sheet of all the races you plan to attend. This is very critical and is one of the key tools we need to personalize your riding program so the rider knows when it's time to rest and when it's time to maximize their effort.
        Lastly, get started and contact us with any questions!